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The Final Boy

Coming Soon

After a tragic death, a group of six friends spend a weekend in the mountains to celebrate the life of their late friend only to be encountered by someone or something that takes them out one by one.


The Revelations of Gavin Grey

Available Now

High school senior, Gavin Grey, has a big secret, a secret that he's not ready to share with anyone but over the course of a family dinner, everything is revealed and it’s not what you expect.

Finding You: A Short Film Series

Available Now

This short film series follows 2 mid-twenty men who meet at a party and are destined to be with each other. Follow them through the ups and downs of a relationship as they follow their hearts.



Available Now

When Sean and James return home for summer break, the two draw a friendly relationship but soon reveal their inner dark secrets that lead to a tragedy that will affect everyone.


Available Now

Out of boredom, Jake (Daniel Byrne) and his friends take their hate of homosexuals and use social media apps to target gay men luring them into a secluded spot only to turn around and bash them. They leave one of their victims for dead. Jake must now decide if he wants to turn his life around or continue heading down this dangerous path. Told from from the perspective of both the attacker, Jake as well as Noah (Dylan Hartman), the thirteen year old victim who has an unfortunate run in with the group of gay bashers.

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